Poland is full of awesome castles with even more awesome stories, so I always recommend visiting them with a tour guide. Some of them have been rebuilt after World War 2, others survived in the original form or as a historic castle ruins. Teutonic, baroque, renaissance castles, many are located in close proximity to Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw or Gdansk and easiest to reach by car. Here is the list of castles I’ve visited and recommend :

  • Moszna Castle
  • Malbork Castle (content pending)
  • Grodno Castle (content pending)
  • Wojanow Palace (content pending)
  • Czocha Castle (content pending)
  • Ksiaz Castle (content pending)
  • Czersk Castle (content pending)
  • Wawel Castle (content pending)
  • Lublin Castle (content pending)
  • Niedzica Castle (still to be visited)

Each photo gallery also links YOU to posts with my travelling tips and basic info about these places.

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