My dream

Living abroad for 5 years and travelling around Europe made me realize that:

  1. many people don’t know a lot about Poland or have wrong impression on my country (boring, sad, grey etc.)
  2. Polish cities and landscapes are equally beautiful to other European destinations, but don’t get advertized well
  3. our touristic websites are often overloaded with content or translated poorly (if they are translated at all)

so after moving back to Poland and 5 more years of procrastination (where I had to build more self-confidence) I’ve finally decided to do something about it.

It took my 5 years, but the moment I’ve started I knew in my head and my heart that it was exactly what I supposed to do with my life.

I dream about turning this little blog into a proper website with better structure, full of personalized and useful information for all of YOU Guys, so I welcome and appreciate your comments, suggestions and support along the way.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


About me


Hello Sunshine, I’m Gosia from Poland.

I work full time in marketing (currently in automobile industry), mainly organizing events and looking after CI, ATL and BTL projects.

I loooooove travelling, enjoy hiking and spending time out in the nature.

Poland is Awesome is my passion project that comes from the need of my heart, not supported by any brands, just based on my personal experiences and recommendations.

Follow me to fall in love with Poland!


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