7 things to know before visiting Poznan

Just a few things to know before visiting Poznan:

  1. Getting there:

Poznan has its own airport located just around 10km from the city centre. To get to the city catch one of the day or night busses or a taxi. The city is located by the A2 motorway so it’s easily accessible by car, coach or train (around 2-3h from Warsaw or Berlin, Germany!).

Poznan Town Houses

  1. Moving around:

Everything you need to see is within walking distance – the Old Town itself is quite small, one day is enough to see everything there including castles and museums. Three of the most visited parks – Cytadela Park, Malta Lake, Palm Tree House – are 2-4km by walk from the city centre. Feel free to use my recommended walking tour maps – East and West

Poznan Citadele Park - Unrecognized scuplture

  1. When to visit:

Because of the beautiful nature and parks it’s best to visit during the summer or early fall, so May to September. Old Town looks beautiful regardless the seasons.

Poznan architecture Old Market Square

  1. Must see:

Old Town Market Square and stunning renaissance Town Hall – pay attention the many architecture details visible on this building; cute Merchant Houses, 4 fountains, Royal Castle and viewing point on its tower, Ostrów Tumski – the oldest cathedral in Poland and street art nearby at Srodka 3 Street, Freedom Square and fountain, Mickiewicz University building, Imperial Castle and the Grand Theatre. Besides these Poznan is also known for its 3 amazing parks: Cytadela Park, Malta artificial lake and Palm Tree House.

Poznan Ostrow Tumski Church 3

  1. Must do:

Eat the famous and rich St. Martin’s Croissant for breakfast, at 12 noon stop by the Town Hall clock tower to see Poznan mechanical goats butting their heads and when the evening comes party like a rock star!

Poznan Town Hall goats at noon

  1. Tips:

You can see all that during one day, but it’s gonna be quite exhausting, so I recommend spending 2 days in Poznan. You don’t need much money, most places are free to visit and those that are not cost between 2 – 6 EUR per person, per place.

Poznan Gate

  1. Nearby/Combine with:

30min drive to Rogalin Palace

30min drive Kórnik Castle

Have you been to Poznań or come from this city? Do you want to share your tips? Please leave a comment 🙂 See also my photos from Poznan >>

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