Koscielisko Valley – 7 things to know before visiting

Before visiting Koscielisko Valley reat these 7 short paragraphs with tips and check my photo gallery:

  1. Getting there:

There are mini-busses running every 10min in high season and every 30min outside the season from Zakopane train/coach station and 3 maja street to Koscielisko Valley/Kiry stop (destination on the bus “Dolina Koscieliska” or “Kiry”). These busses cost around 10PLN (2,5EUR) per person each way and take 30min to get you there.

After leaving the bus you buy an entry ticket to the National Park (around 2EUR) and walk to the Ornak shelter house on an easy & flat road for the next 2h. It takes 1,5 to walk back.

  1. Moving around:

The road is flat & easy so you can totally walk there.

  1. When to visit:

I’ve only been there in August, but looking at all the trees, hills and mountains I imagine every season has its charm at this place.

  1. Must see:

There are a few caves along the way, I’ve heard they are really good, but didn’t visit as it was raining and you climb there on the stairs made of slippery rocks.

  1. Must do:

Eat home-made grilled oscypek goats or sheep cheese from the cottage house you see within 1st km after entering – they are so delicious, so take some to go!

  1. Tips:

You’ll be walking 2h each way so make sure you take water & food, comfy shoes (at least trainers, no flip flops etc.), backpack (not a purse – your arm will hurt after such distance with a purse) warm hoodie, jacket or windstopper (the temperature drops as you get closer to the mountains) and a raincoat (unpredictable weather – you can buy these foil type of raincoats packed into a small bag for 1EUR in the city – better have one).

At the end of your hike there is Ornak shelter house with restaurant where you can get a warm meal & drink but don’t expect anything fancy or a latte, it’s just a simple food like homemade some soup, potato pancakes or apple pie, tea, black coffee and some chocolates.

You’re in the National Park – there are no rubbish beans along the way and smoking is prohibited until you get to the shelter house – bear in mind that any rubbish you make along the way you have to take back with you.

  1. Nearby/Combine with:

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