Auschwitz Birkenau – 7 things to know before visiting

Nothing can prepare you for the visit to Auschwitz Birkenau, but here are a few information that you may find usefull:

  1. Getting there:

The closes airport is in Krakow. To get to Auschwitz-Birkenau use private car services or join one of the organized tours (you can buy tickets once you get to Krakow).

  1. Moving around:

There is no point of visiting without hearing the history from the tour guide, so move i organized groups.

  1. When to visit:

Anytime of the year is good to learn history.

  1. Must see:

Every single places you see during this tour will leave you spechlees.

  1. Mustn’t do:

There are certain places where you’re not allowed to take pictures out of respect for human remains, places where you’ll see shocking items like carpet made of human hair…

  1. Tips:

Wear comfy shoes, eat and drink before as it will be a long trip with no breaks.

  1. Nearby/Combine with:

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