Krakow – 7 things to know before visiting

Krakow Old Town at sunrise

The basic info about Krakow in easy to digest 7 points:

  1. Getting there:

Krakow has its own airport with commercial (Lufthansa, British Airways, LOT, SAS etc.) and cheap (Rayanair, EasyJet) airlines flying there. The airport is just 11km away from the city center, which you can reach by public transport busses number 208, 252, night bus 902 or local train that costs you under 3 EUR and takes up to 20min.

  1. Moving around:

Everything you need to see is within walking distance – you can totally make it from the city centre to the Wawel Castle and Kazimierz Jewish District – it’s only 4,5km of a very pleasant walk, just check out my walking tour map:

Krakow walking tour map

  1. Best time to visit:

In Poland the weather is best between May and end of September, but I also recommend visiting over Christmas time – with all the magical lights and illuminations all cities are very charming. Visiting outside these season has some advantages too – it’s less crowded and more chances for the rain = beautiful reflection pictures 😉

  1. Must see:

Old Town, Wawel Castle & Kazimierz Jewish District are what Krakow is known for. Just see my photo gallery and walking map. Great viewing points: Town Hall tower, St. Mary’s Basilica and Kościuszko Mound. Hidden treasure – Zakrzowek lake in an old mine that looks like a blue lagoon in Croatia.

  1. Must do:

Eat the famous Krakow precel, take a ride in a horse and carriage, eat the famous toast in Kazimierz Jewish District, buy some Wawel chocolates for your friends & family and folk art souvenir for yourself.

Famous Krakow precel with horse & carriage inside 😉

  1. Tips:

I recommend spending at least 2 full days in Krakow, but if you don’t have that much time you can still do my walking tour to see all the landmarks from the outside & insides of the Wawel Castle within one full day.

Visiting the Wawel Castle square is free – you only pay for going inside the castle. Wawel Castle Dragon fires every 15minutes – it’s cool and worth waiting for, visit also the legendary Dragon’s Cave.

Kazimierz – the historical Jewish district is also well known for its vibrant night life.

Even if you didn’t book online in advance you can still get tickets from one of the local tour agents for trips to Auschwitz Birkenau, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Zakopane and many other places nearby.

  1. Nearby/Combine with:

*you can visit all of these places with organized tours from Krakow or on your own – just click on my links to find out more.

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