Moszna Castle – 7 things to know before visiting

A few details to prepare you for your Moszna Castle trip compressed into these 7 short points:

  1. Getting there:

Unfortunately the easiest way to get there is to rent a car and drive. It takes 2-3h to drive from Krakow. Alternatively you can stay overnight in the city of Opole and get a bus from local bus station to Moszna Castle. You can also stay overnight in the Moszna Castle.

  1. Moving around:

You can walk around the park surrounding the castle without any restrictions, but there is an entry ticket of up to 1,5EUR. Inside the castle you join an organized tour with a tour guide that will tell you all about it. You can also stay overnight – just book accommodation through the castle website.

  1. When to visit:

Everything looks better with a blue sky, but considering that it was cold and raining when I visited and it still impressed me, I think this is one of the places that just looks good at any season.

  1. Must see:

Secret passages through the book shelves inside the castle.

  1. Must do:

Stay overnight and feel like a royalty 🙂

  1. Tips:

Reserve at least half of the day for this place.

  1. Nearby/Combine with:

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