Wieliczka – 7 things to know before visiting

A few things to read if you’re planning to visit Wieliczka Salt Mine:

  1. Getting there:

There are organized tours that take you out of and back to Krakow so you don’t need to worry about anything.  Alternatively you can get on a private tour or  rent a car by minutes and drive there – it’s just 30min away from Krakow.

  1. Moving around:

Even if you buy an individual ticket you still move around in organized groups with a tour guide.

  1. When to visit:

This place doesn’t depend on the weather as everything you’ll see is below the ground. I’ve never seen such long queues in my life, so if you can visit outside the weekends or bank holidays you’ll probably spend less time queuing.

  1. Must see:

Princess Kinga’s Chamber is the highlight of the tour, but your tour guide will take you everywhere, so then you can decide what you liked most.

  1. Must do:

Lick the salty wall 😉 Buy some salt-made souvenir. Breath it as much as you can of this super healthy air.

  1. Tips:

It’s cold inside, so dress well, you walk for a few kilometers, so wear comfy shoes (no flip-flops people 🙂 ). You have to pay extra to take photos – you receive a sticker for your phone/camera. After buying the ticket you still wait for the entire group to get inside. You need to reserve the entire day for this trip, as the standard tour takes up to 4 hours. To get in you’re walking down the long and narrow staircase, so it takes a while. To get out there is a lift that takes just a few people in (so also takes a while) and it’s a miner’s lift so it’s pretty scary – or awesome, depending how you look at things 🙂

  1. Nearby/Combine with:

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